We speak to many people in business that don’t feel that they have the time for posting regularly on Facebook as well as uploading new and fresh blog posts to their website on a regular basis, so they often ask which they should do – Facebook or Blog?

One benefit of blogging for your business instead of using Facebook is that you don’t need to deal with the constant changes on Facebook that can drive you crazy. Your blog is self-hosted and therefore dependable and consistent.

Marketing your business is always a tad risky and there is no guaranteed return on the time and money you invest, whereas the time and money you invest in blogging always pays off because it attracts new traffic to your website, gives you something to share on social media, improves your page and website ranking and keyword optimisation. Even if you don’t get a direct sale from the blog, it is helping your website in all these other ways.

While your Facebook updates will only last a few days at most, your blog posts will have a much longer shelf life, being found in weeks, months and years to come. You’d be surprised at the blog posts that are still read on our website from over four years ago.

On your website anyone and everyone can see your news feed, unlike on Facebook where they decide who will see your updates. You can also use your blog as a content hub where you can share your knowledge and become known as an industry expert – unlike on Facebook where you can get lost in the noise.

Your blog posts will also give you the opportunity to share your knowledge in more detail and give your target audience real value with tips, guidance and help too. You can always share snippets of these blog posts on Facebook, but your blog post and website will be where the real value is at.

If you have a catchy link on your blog post the visitor is more likely to click and find out more, when they are on your website you have their full attention as they navigate through blog posts and other website pages. On Facebook it is a lot harder to keep the reader’s attention as there are pop-ups, adverts and friend notifications popping up ready to take the reader away.

However the biggest benefit of using blogging instead of Facebook is that you have full control of what is seen, who see’s it and when they see it. You get what you want, not what Mark Zuckerberg wants.

That said; here at Creative Content Company, while we appreciate that Facebook is a lot harder to promote your business, it is still possible and we would recommend that you keep using it, even if it’s just another place to link back to blogs from.

If you’re running out of time we can be your Facebook Page Managers or your business blog writers; you only have to ask!