I just had to write a blog to tell you how I am currently feeling; I blog lots about the work we do, share tips, guidance and ideas for clients, the stuff we do in the community and more, but I rarely blog about the ‘real things’ (apart from the awards we are lucky enough to win!

However, today I am feeling ridiculously overwhelmed but there are just some things in life that are completely unexpected!

I love what I do, like really love it – really really love it, that fact I am paid for doing what I love is an added bonus (an added bonus that keeps a roof over my head – clients, please don’t stop paying me).

However, yesterday I received a gorgeous bunch of flowers and some fudge from Jenny Connick of Talentino with a note to thank me for my hard work / support.

Then today I received the most incredibly packaged box of very fancy fudge I have ever seen from Graham Rodger and the lovely team at Eastpac; with a similar note, again thanking me for my hard work and support this year.

These are people sending me gifts to thank me for doing the work they are paying me to do… it sounds weird when you put it like that doesn’t it?

I genuinely feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I hope that both senders know how much this act of kindness has meant to me.

How cool is it to do something you love every day, get paid for it AND get treats for doing it too???

If something sounds too good to be true, it might not be! 

Thank you so much to all my amazing clients; the fact you have chosen me and Creative Content Company to work with means a lot. I wish you all the most amazing 2018!