When you attend a networking event you’ll be told to ask for the sort of clients you are looking for; this could mean that you are looking for a particular company and name it, that you are looking for electrical company with 5-30 employees or stay at home mums for example. But perhaps you also need to consider the customers that you don’t want to work with.

As a business owner you will want to say yes to every client that wants to work with you and you’ll drop prices and offer additional things to ensure you bag that client. However as time goes on you will learn to trust your gut and first instincts – and you will start to pick and choose the clients that you want to work with.

Here at Creative Content Company we know the clients we want to work with; they are the clients that want to engage with the target audience in a fun way and they want to talk to their clients and they don’t want to talk at their clients and preach to them.

While it is important to think about the industries and sizes of companies you want to work with, it’s worth thinking about the brands and company cultures that you want to work with. For us, as a small business with minimal overheads we can afford to be picky – by this we mean that we can chose to work with companies that we like and business owners that match our personalities.

The business was not set up to do what we don’t enjoy – we set up our own business to do what we enjoy and therefore we will only work with clients and people that we enjoy working with; that’s what Creative Content Company is all about; doing what we enjoy and what we do best to enable our clients to do what they do best and what they enjoy.

So, what sort of customers don’t you want to work with – apart from the ones that just don’t pay!