As a member of Safe Local Services I am thrilled to have been asked by Kerry and Eileen of Safe Local Trades to share my knowledge at the Social Media and Website Workshop on Wednesday 23rd May. I am possibly even more excited about the fact I get to present with my good friends and business contacts Geek Designs.

Creative Content Company and Geek Designs joined Safe Local Services within a few weeks of each other; however our relationship goes back much further than that. Back in 2014 I was writing all the content for their client’s websites and later on that year we moved into an office together in Lynchwood on Peterborough Business Park where we stayed for around 2 years. They are now based in Werrington and we are in Norman Cross.

The reason I am so excited to share my social media knowledge with members of Safe Local Trades and Safe Local Services alongside Geek Designs is because these are guys that know their stuff. We are both very similar businesses in the fact that we like to help the people in business that we meet, we speak in a ‘real language’ that people understand, unlike other companies who make it all sound way too complicated.

If you are a Safe Local Trades or Safe Local Services member I highly recommend you come along to this event that takes place on Wednesday 23rd May at The Banyan Tree in Westgate from 6pm, with the presentation and questions from 7pm followed by food from 8pm.

This talk has been booked by Kerry and Eileen as it’s something their members wanted and Geek Designs and I want to help attendees feel better about their website and using social media. We want to help you understand what your website should say and what should be on it, we want to help you understand what social media platforms you need to be on, why you should blog, what you should blog about and how often you should post on social media, as well as what to post about on social media!

If you are a member of Safe Local Trades or Safe Local Services then please contact Kerry to book on, if you’re not a member but you’d like to be then why not contact the Safe Local Team directly and they’ll let you know what you need to do.

I really look forward to seeing you there.