I love networking; networking is something that works for me and my business. I strongly feel that people buy people and by networking, you get to know each other and start building those essential relationships that successful businesses are build upon.

I was recently approached by Gareth and Juliet of Allia Future Business Centre in regards to launching and running a new networking event that would hopefully fill a gap in the market and really help those looking for help, support and guidance in a chosen area.

This new networking event is aimed specifically at anyone in marketing, communication and branding. Whether you work for a large business and you work in the communications department, you run your own business and need to know more about marketing or you have an interest in branding – you will be more than welcome to this event.

The marketing networking event will be called Jabber Peterborough and I will be Chairperson for this event, alongside John Sinclair of Loman Miller Associates. As two people in business that work in marketing and help other businesses in marketing we really feel we can make a difference in Peterborough through this event.

Our launch event will be on Thursday 5th July at Allia Future Business Centre at 6.30pm and we will have an amazing guest speaker to kick off our launch event; this will be followed by regular Jabber Peterborough events with other guest speakers – how often you ask? Well that is for you to decide at the launch event.

This will be a free networking event that will take place in the Grow Bar at the Allia Future Business Centre, just next door to the Peterborough Football Ground. This promises to be a fantastic event for anyone with an interest or passion in marketing, communications and branding to mix, network and build relationships while picking up some excellent snippets of advice, inspiration or ideas they can use themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Jabber Peterborough; it’s going to be amazing!