Twitter is just one of the three social media platforms for business that we use ourselves and highly recommend to other businesses looking to improve their online presence and brand awareness. In this blog we list some of the many ways that Twitter can benefit your business and brand.

These stats and facts have been found and reported by Hannon Digital.

Twitter users are three times more likely to follow a brand, compared to users of Facebook, so if you want your brand followed then Twitter is the place to do it!

32% of active Twitter users make recommendations and companies and products. Sometimes these will include the company or product as a tag, but other times it won’t so if you are on Twitter make sure you search for your own company name or products to see if they are being tweeted about.

Meanwhile 33% of active Twitter users will use the platform to share their opinions of a product or company. Once again, this is another reason to be active on the platform so you can respond if you are tagged, but also search your company name and products to see if people are talking about you. If you have bad feedback then you can publicly resolve the matter, and good feedback can be thanked!

52% of active users on Twitter want to be notified of special offers or promotions. Make sure you regularly tweet special offers (but not too much), and perhaps include a special code for Twitter users only so they feel special. You could also share your newsletter sign-up with promises of special offers for subscribers only.

63% of brand use Twitter to broadcast information and engage an audience. If you are broadcasting information about your business brand, make sure you are actively engaging with those that respond. You need to be social and engaging or people will unfollow you and you’d be left broadcasting information to an empty room.

If you’re still not sure how Twitter can benefit your brand then why not contact us directly, we would be happy to talk about how Twitter and social media management can benefit your business and brand.