Here at Creative Content Company we are big advocates of blogging for business, not only do we offer blogging services to businesses, but we also regularly blog ourselves – every other day to be precise. We don’t upload fresh content on a website for the fun of it, although we do enjoy it, we blog for our business because we know it works.

We have had times with the business has been super busy and we have missed a week or two when no new blogs or fresh content has been uploaded to our website and there has been a massive drop in traffic to our website. This has proven to us that blogging really does work – but how can you use blogs?

We feel that blogs are a great way to help your business stand out from the crowd. You can share latest industry news and top tips for using your products or services; you can also talk about how and why your service or product is different from other companies and your competitors.

The team at Creative Content Company feel that the one thing that you can offer that none of your competitors can offer, no matter how hard they try, is you. You are what makes your business different and you are what people engage with when choosing to buy a product or service, so why not use blog posts to talk about you and your business.

You can share things like your personal background story and what got you into your business, interviews with members of your team so readers and visitors to your website can get to know them as well, talk about case studies and how you have dealt with and supported your clients and customers.

For example, we do a lot of things for charities and the community and it is this that makes us different from our competitors. It is something that makes us stand out so we blog about all the things we get up to. The other reason we do this is to get other companies involved in the community too, because bettering our community is something we believe in and therefore is something that makes us different.

How will you use your blogs?