There are lots of calls to action that you can use on social media to get your target audience to do ‘something’ it just depends what you want them to do.

We have put together a collection of blog posts where we share some of the most popular calls to actions, when you can use them and the words you can use to get the social media calls to action across.

In this blog post we talk about using ‘Learn More’ as a call to action.

Social Media Call to Action – Learn More

You can use this call to action to drive traffic to your website, to share media hits that will enhance credibility and branding, to share a relevant article which will educate your audience on your issues or to share a photo, video or other multimedia.

You can use terms like read more, see why, check out, explore and discover instead of always using ‘learn more’ as your social media call to action.

Every page on your website and all your blog posts should have a call to action on as it tells your reader what you want them to do next, this could be to read another blog post, to book a meeting with you, to find out more about your services, to come to an event or just to call you.

Social Media posts are different, some won’t suit a call to action, and instead they will be a fun and engaging post perhaps, or something similar. But if you are regularly posting on social media, more that 3-5 times a time then at least one or two of these posts on social media need a call to action.

This may not be the Learn More call to action, so make sure you come back to read our other blog posts on this topic to understand all the other social media calls to action you may choose to use.

How could you use the ‘Learn More’ call to action on your business social media