This is one of our four blog posts in a series of blog posts all about social media calls to action. In this series we are talking about the four more popular calls to action that you can use on social media to encourage your target audience and social media following to do something on your business social media presence.

The four most popular calls to action you can use on social media for your business are “Tell Us What You Think”, “Share”, “Learn More” and the social media call to action we are talking about in this blog post, which is “Take Action”.

In each of the four blog posts you can learn about the call to action, when you should use it and how it can be used to help you get the most of your online presence for your business, with good social media management.

Social Media Call To Action – Take Action

You would use the ‘take action’ social media call to action when you’ve adequately engaged your audience and they are poised to donate, sign a petition or make a purchase from your business. You could also use it when there is an emergency or sense of urgency around the action or if the action is linked to a broader campaign or prominent media coverage.

There is different ways in which you can your get your audience to take action, apart from just saying ‘take action. For example, you can say “Your gift will…” or perhaps “Donate now to provide…”. Alternatively you could ask your audience to “Sign our petition to tell the world that…” or “Share your voice if you…” or perhaps “Pledge to…”

How do you think that your business could use the social media call to action of “Take Action” – would you use an idea above or do you have a better version? Perhaps you feel that this call to action wouldn’t work for your business at all?

We would love to hear your thoughts!