Nobody in their right mind would spend time or money doing something that achieved nothing, so a blog post that talks about how business owners can track the success of their business email newsletters seemed to make perfect sense, so here it is!

Now of course ‘success’ comes in many different forms and the real meaning of success is down to the individual company and their own goals, but as a general outline we have put together some ways you can track the success of your email newsletter for your business.

Firstly, when you use a newsletter campaign tool like Mailchimp then you will be able to create a report that shows you how many people have marked your business newsletter as spam, how many deleted the email without reading it and how many of the receivers actually opened and engaged with your business email newsletter. If you are using the business letter to increase brand awareness, build rapport and engage with your target audience then this would be classed as success.

You can also include a special offer code, voucher or coupon for a discount or free product that can only be seen by people that have received your newsletter; from this you will then know that however many free products were ordered or how many coupons were completed and used during the order process is how successful your newsletter was. If the whole reason for your business newsletter is to generate sales and get more traffic to your website then this would be a great way to track the success of your business.

Include a ‘how did you hear about us’ on your email mailing list sign up because you may find that someone enjoyed your newsletter so beneficial that they recommended it to a friend and again, for some businesses, this could be classed as success if you are trying to increase the awareness of your business and brand.

These are just some ways that the success of an email newsletter can be tracked, but if you are still unsure how you can track the success of your business newsletter content then contact us directly and we will be able to help you out.