As you will have seen from the services we offer, we can complete a website review for your business, show you any issues on your website, explain what works and what doesn’t work along with improvements that you can make yourself, but if you are looking to complete your own SEO Audit on your website this blog post should help you;

Firstly consider first impressions by trying to look at your website from the visitors eyes. Is the information and images laid out clearly on the homepage of your website so it is clear to see, read and understand? Does the url look clean or is it long and messy looking with random characters? Could the content on your homepage be improved with more keywords so the visitor knows what you do or have you used too many keywords so it looks spammy?

Research shows that visitors will only stay on your website for a few seconds if the website doesn’t load, and Google are using site speed as part of their SEO ranking, along with mobile friendliness. Take the time to open up your website on different devices including your computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet to see how long it takes to load and how it looks on different sized screens.

Make a list of the keywords you would like to be found for and enter these into search engines like Google to see where you rank and which pages rank for those keywords, and then look at ways you can rank higher by looking at what the competition which already rank higher than you are doing. Do not copy them, but instead look at how they use keywords and use these ideas.

It is a good idea to check for duplicate content on your website too as this can penalise your website and leave your website much lower on search engines like Google. You can check for duplicate content by taking some of your content and pasting it into Google search bar with speech marks at either end – if the exact content comes up somewhere else on your website or someone else’s you need to get it changed as quickly as possible.

If you would like help making your website more SEO friendly then why not give us a call, we would be more than happy to help!