As a business owner it can sometimes feel uncomfortable outsourcing work to somebody else, after all they may not have the same ideas as you, want the same things as you or be as passionate about your business as you are. These are just some reasons people umm and aahhh about outsourcing things like content writing, blogging and social media management but there is a rule for outsourcing.

It’s called the 20-60-20 rule that becomes the 10-80-10 rule to the 5-90-5 rule and then the 100 rule – what am I talking about? Well it all makes sense if you carry on reading!

When you first start  and blog posts for example you want to be involved in 20% if the work at the beginning, the content writer or blogger then does the middle 60% and then you come back in at the end to do the last 20% – this rule takes place when the client is brand new to us and it will take us both time to understand each other’s writing styles, requirements and content needs. In terms of content writing this could mean sending bullet points or paragraphs about what the client would like covered in the website content or blog post.

Then it goes down to the client having 10% input at the beginning, this could be giving the title, a brief overview, keywords needed to be used and similar, the content writer or blogger then writes the content and then the client goes back through and makes small edits to personalise the content. All the time the writer is looking at these amendments to get a better understanding of the client.

Shortly after this we move onto the 5-90-5 rule where the client maybe just give the keywords or a title, the content writer or  writes the content based on that information and the client checks through to see if any minute changes are needed to the writing style.

Then, before you know it, you just ask the content writer or blogger for an article of content and they do the rest for you and you have the peace of mind that what is to be created will be exactly what you want.

That’s how we work at  anyway!