Linkedin is a brilliant social media networking tool to allow you to network, communicate, engage and build relationships on; but only when it is used right – and we have seen a lot of examples on Linkedin of social media networking not done right! We recently wrote a blog about how great Linkedin is for business.

When people ask for recommendations on Linkedin recommend a person but also say why, which is something we covered in a previous blog post. Not only does this show that you know the person you are recommended and you are therefore a trusted source, but it also makes it more likely for your connection to get the job, as the other recommendations are just a list of names.

On receiving a connection request from someone you do not recognise and there is no personalised message ask them who they are and how you can help – there is no point just clicking accept and never finding out more about them as this won’t allow you to network with them, buy from them, sell to them or recommend them. You are not gaining anything by just clicking accept.

In the same point, when you want to connect with someone to network with them send a connection request but include a personalised message explaining why you would like to connect with them; it could be something they recently posted that you can help with, a service your clients are interested in or even just an interest in them or their business – do not use this, or their connection request acceptation as a chance to sell at them; this is not networking!

When you share interesting posts from your connections leave a comment to say why you are sharing it or why you want your other connections to see it. Again, this brings value to what you post and helps you to become trusted.

Look at groups that you are interested in, both personally and business wise as this will help build your networking circle and helps people to get to know you as well.

If you need help with your social media then drop us a line, we would be only too happy to help where we can.