We have written lots of blog posts to help our readers understand the importance of a business newsletter, e-newsletter stats, what newsletter content to include and the different types of newsletters, but in this blog post we would like to help our readers understand how they can make their business e-newsletters more social and we have three simple and effective ideas;

1.Social Sharing

Include social sharing buttons to enable (and make it super easy) for the receivers of your newsletter to share your newsletter with their contacts by email or on social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. Try to only offer the social sharing buttons for social media platforms that your business is active on. When you use a newsletter campaign tool like MailChimp the social sharing buttons can be easily added for you or our newsletter creators can do it for you if you are having trouble.

2.Your Social Media

At the base of your business newsletter where you share contact details and perhaps an additional call to action, include the social media details of social media platforms where your business is active and engaging. Again, with a newsletter campaign newsletter tool like Mailchimp this can be easily inserted to your email newsletter; all you will need to do is copy and paste the links of your social media accounts so recipients can easily connect with you and build a rapport with you.

3.Be Social

When you are creating business newsletter to send out make sure you share this on your social media pages and ask if anyone else would like to receive the business newsletter and you can add them on to your newsletter mailing list. Share another update on social media when you have sent the email newsletter for your business and include a link to where someone can either view the newsletter or join your mailing list to get future newsletters.

If you need help making your business email newsletters social or want help with newsletter content then just call us up; we will be more than happy to offer any advice or guidance to help you out.