We talk a lot about what you can do to create a killer blog post, but we have never discussed how you can kill your blog. In this article we have written some sure fire ways to kill your blog and we hope, really truly hope, that you will read this article and do the opposite;

Use cutesy, clever and confusing headlines to hill your blog; it’s a great way of never being found on search engines. People will search for what you are talking about but Google will look for a title that helps the searcher with their query, your blog post title will not link to what the person is looking for and therefore they won’t be shown your website.

Ignore the fact you have ever written any other blog posts and definitely don’t put a link to another blog post that helps support or confirm what you are talking about in the current blog post. No way do you want to increase trust for your company and brand.

Definitely don’t link to other bloggers, you definitely don’t want an influential blogger or business blogger sharing your post and encouraging more people to go to your website do you? That would be just crazy!

You really don’t want to fill out your page title or page descriptions because then you’ll be telling Google what your business and blog post is about and then you could risk Google sending potential clients and customers to your website.

If you’re creating a new blog, separately to your website (which is not recommended), then go for the most confusing title ever. The longer it is the better, then when people search for it they can spell the url wrong and spend ages looking for you, or go to a competitor instead.

If you really want to kill your blog then consider just stealing other bloggers content and changing a word here or there, this way the blogger hates you, the reader will see it’s copied content and they will hate you and then Google can see it’s duplicate content and they can hate you too.

You may have heard us talk about blogging once or twice a week as a minimum, so why not ignore that completely. Try and blog less than once a month to make sure the traffic to your website slows down and then stops altogether.

Definitely don’t use social media, why on earth would you want people to click through to your social media and build up a relationship with your business and brand? And no way do you want to link back from social media to your website; that would just mean more potential clients coming to your website and you definitely don’t want that.

On average blogs take 18months to 2 years to really take off and build readers and traffic to your website, so with that in mind aim to quit trying within nine months to ensure that you can definitely kill your blog.

Please note, if you are not trying to kill your blog do the opposite of every single pointer above, like the team here at Creative Content Company do.