Blogging for business is important for many reasons, we have written many blog posts about the benefits of blogging for your business and these have included things like building trust, more pages of content for your website, a way to target keywords, regular updates to keep your website fresh, something to share on social media and so much more.

Business blogs are great for SEO too (Search Engine Optimisation); the better your SEO of your website, the higher up search engines like Google you will be found.

In this blog post we would like to share some tips with you to improve the SEO of your business blog posts;

  • Aim for over 350 words per blog post as this will show Google there is enough information for a person and they will then send that person to your website if Google feels you answer their query. A blog post over 350 words also has enough room to include keywords, links and more.
  • Consider your title, what it says and if it includes your keywords. If it easy to include your keyword and it looks normal in the title then do that. Try and keep your blog posts titles to 50-67 words in length (on the backend of your website) as this will help boost your SEO too.
  • On the back end of your website make sure you include a meta description. While something is better than nothing, if your meta description is 150-160 characters in length this will again help improve the SEO of your blog posts.
  • Use bullet points, short paragraphs and short sentences, bold or italics as highlighters for important points, headers and sub titles to make the blog post easy to skim read.
  • At the backend of your website make sure you include the chosen keywords in your H1 and H2 headings; ideally you want one or two keywords per page so Google knows exactly what keyword you want to help your target audience with on that page.
  • Include internal links from your blog posts to other pages within your website, whether these are your other blog posts, services pages, an about us page or even your home page. This is great for SEO as it shows your website is joined up, but it also helps with site navigation too.

If you need help with blog post ideas, you want to do some blog brainstorming or you would like us to write business blog posts for you, then you only have to ask!