While growing your Facebook audience can be a frustrating experience that feels like it takes forever, it is worth growing your Facebook audience the right way, instead of buying likes. Buying likes is something that the team here at Creative Content Company highly recommend you do NOT do; see our previous blog post to find out why.

For example, stick a link to your Facebook page on your website on the home page or your contact page so people can see where they can keep up with all the latest news or learn more about you. You can do the same with your emails by popping a link to Facebook in the signature and don’t be afraid to share a link to your facebook page from the other social media pages your use too; just not too many.

On your personal profile, click yourself as working for the company (by linking to the Facebook business page) and include your team to do the same thing as well; this will allow friends and connections to follow the link and start liking your Facebook business page which will help in growing your audience.

As we mentioned before, there are lots of different ads available through Facebook and while ‘Promote Page’ may look like the best option, to grow your audience but you will find if you go to Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page you will get more success in growing your audience on Facebook.

Also remember to comment and engage on other posts and in groups as your business page instead of your personal profile; if you write something others users agree with or relate to they will click on your image and like your page for future posts.

Always remember; social media is about being social – don’t talk at your followers and those that like your page, talk with them and build up a relationship socially to earn their trust and custom.