Managing your social media while running your own business is tricky enough as it is, but it becomes pretty disheartening when you’re getting nothing back. You could be posting, once, twice or even 10 times a day on social media platforms but nobody is talking to you, sharing your posts or replying to your questions… and that’s really hard!

Overtime you start wondering if you should really be bothering with social media for your business after all as it has become so time consuming and clearly nobody is interested… but please – do not give up. You can o it, you can get more engagement on your social media accounts and we have put together some pointers that should help you;

People use social media because they are looking for something, so, as obvious as it sounds, give them what they are looking for. Post content on social media that actually helps your target audience and you’ll soon note an improvement in engagement on your posts.

Don’t be afraid to speak to your followers, fan and connections and ask them how you can help them. This is much easier on Twitter as you can tweet new followers and use your own voice, tone and style to thank them for following you and ask how you can help them.

People want to  be social on social media so don’t be afraid to show the human side of your business, be friendly and start creating those relationships and building up trust and loyalty for your brand and you’ll so notice that these followers are keeping your social media pages busy for you.

If you have customers that use, sell or share your products then share their posts on your own business social media accounts, this shows other followers and fans that people are using your product and are happy about it and it makes that customer feel special which will increase their loyalty to your brand.

Make sure you reply  or respond to conversations in a timely manner, if they comment on your post at 11am, minutes after you have posted the update, then they expect a response sooner than 3 days later so if you do schedule posts on social media scheduling tools make sure you can reply at the times you have scheduled posts, tweets and updates or people will stop engaging with you.

As always, if there are areas of social media for your business that you are struggling with, we would be more than happy to help or offer social media training, just give us a call.