If you run your own business you may find that you are working a lot – and by a lot we mean ALL the time, early mornings, late nights, through the weekends and even waking up in the night to get little bits done here and there. This is a really common trait of new business owners when they feel that the more hours they put in, the more successful they will be – and it’s not always the case.

When I first started my business I did exactly that, my friends and family were put on the shelf and in fairness they were really understanding, but it was my friends that made me the person I was – without them I was a boring business owner that had nothing to talk about but business… because I did nothing but business.

I certainly wasn’t enjoying my own business either, who wants to start their own business so they can work all the hours under the sun? Yes running your own business is hard work and it will be stressful at times, but you need to stick to set work times or you will just exhaust yourself – which I have seen happen to so many new business owners.

It is important that you give yourself at least one day off a week, as a very minimum – but with loads to do how can you warrant a day off from your business?

Why not outsource something? There are loads of VAs out there that can pop the business cards you collect onto your database, sort out your admin bits for you and so much more. There are people who can make sales calls for you or follow up with clients and quotes for you.

Or we can help!

Here at Creative Content Company we can write business blogs for your website and email them to you as a word document, then you can give them a quick read over and publish them on your website for you. We can also schedule your social media posts for you for the month ahead so you know that however busy you get there is still something happening on your social media pages and your online presence is cared for and active.

When you run your own business it is essential that you take a day or two off every week, you need it to refresh and recharge your batteries – if you keep at it you will lose what is great about your business, because what is great about your business is you!