Linkedin isn’t just for job hunting, in fact, out of all three social media platforms that we use; we get the most work / clients from Linkedin. We get the most engagement from Twitter, but this is closely followed by Linkedin – just as a side note.

In this blog post we would like to share some top tips with you for improving your Linkedin social media profile to ensure that you can also get lots of engagement, target your audience and gain potential clients.

Use your summary as the key sell of who you are and what you do, people rarely scroll down to the resume so focus on getting the summary clear and concise to sell yourself and your brand or business.

Think carefully about which headshot to use because this is the first time many of your connections will see you. Being drunk at the pub, pouting or kissing your dog may not be the best way to represent you and your business.

Be precise and specific about why the reader should want to use you, your products or services. Clearly explain what it is that is so great about your business and offerings.

Use video to be seen and heard; a video of you will show people the real you and this is what they want. They can buy a service or product from anyone, but ‘you’ are what makes your business different.

Make sure you ask for recommendations from people that you have worked with. In your request ask them to include how you helped them, why they used you and how they felt after receiving your service or product. Let your happy customers tell your story for you.

Be Human – like we said with the videos, use you to promote your business. Here at Creative Content Company we strongly believe that people buy people, so be that human being that people want to buy.

Think about your tone of voice and keep to it, also think about what you want people to do when they land on your Linkedin profile and make sure it is easy for them to do that. For example, include a link to your website, invite them to connect, share your email address so they can contact you.

If you need help posting on Linkedin or want Linkedin social media management support then please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help.