Here at Creative Content Company, we feel that one of the most important things you need to remember when promoting your business through social media is that you need to be consistent and there are many ways in which a business can be consistent when using social media – we have listed a few examples and some advice in this blog post which will help you be consistent on social media.

Firstly, when we say that you need to be consistent we mean that you need to continue posting on social media the same amount of times, days, etc. By this we don’t mean that you have to engage with or share the same amount of posts each day, but we do mean that you need to make sure if you post on your business social media account every day for 5 weeks in a row, you cannot suddenly stop. Your followers will be used to seeing regular posts from you and if this stops it can cause doubt or unease about your business.

Secondly, to be consistent with your business presence on social media we mean that you need to stick to your brand and keep your message on target, you need to choose the tone, language and voice of your business or brand and then stick with throughout your social media posts. This will help create a stronger brand identity, allow people to connect and engage with your brand easier and build a relationship with your business.

Finally, be consistent in regards to what you talk about and post on your business social media pages; we don’t mean that you should post the same thing every day but you do need to stick to your guns otherwise you will come across as fake if you say one thing one day and then completely disagree with it the next day. Be true to yourself and honest about your brand to create consistency on your business social media presence.

If you are unsure how to be consistent on social media for your business, don’t feel you have enough time to manage your social media accounts or would like some social media training or even a social media review for your business social media accounts then please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be only too happy to help you achieve more for your business on social media.