This is a question we are continually asked and we are always creating an email that explains the process to our clients and to people we meet at networking, so it made sense that we created a step by step guide to allow people to easily add admin roles and other roles to their facebook business page;

  • Firstly you need to be friends with the person you want to make admin of your facebook business page; send them a friend request and when they accept you can move onto the next step. (Please note: They do need to be your friend on Facebook on a permanent basis, as soon as you have made them admin you can remove them as your friend if you choose.) 
  • Then go to your facebook business page and you will see the ‘Settings’ button at the top right of the page, click on this. 
  • Then scroll down the left and you will see the tab for ‘Page Roles’ and you will need to click on that. 
  • You will see half way down the page it says ‘Assign a New Page Role’, you need to put in the new admin person’s name (as on facebook) or their email address (that they use for facebook), their facebook profile will come up and you need to click on that. 
  • If you want the person to have the same permission as you, allowing them to post, schedule, reply, delete and edit the page then make them admin, otherwise choose from the other options, as you click on each it will show what each role can do. 
  • Now click add and that person will receive a notification that says they now have a role on your page and they can start posting on the page, limited to what your permissions have given them.

If you need help managing your Facebook business page or you aren’t sure what to post and how often to post then please do contact us, we would be more than happy to help.