Many clients ask us how they can create great blog posts and achieve great blogging, there is no secret to great blogging, it’s all about getting you, your brand and your personality. Some people struggle with writing blog posts while others (like our team of content writers here at Creative Content Company) are natural blog writers. Don’t beat yourself up about it, the more stress you put on yourself the worse your blog post will be.

Here are some top tips to help you achieve great blogging status, creating great blog posts time after time;

  • One of the key things when blogging is to tell your story, people by people so telling your story will help people to get to know you.
  • By sharing how you feel you will build relationships with your clients, it takes your readers to a deeper place where they can relate with you.
  • Remember that you will never please everybody, but stay true to yourself. Don’t go out your way to friction and debate, but stick by what you believe in.
  • On that basis, be passionate when you’re blogging. Write about things that you are passionate about and this passion will be infectious to the reader.
  • Every time you blog think about how the blog post is informing the reader, inspiring the reader and interacting with the reader. You want to do at least one of these things in each blog post.
  • Try out different writing styles and layouts until you find one that suits you, this could be bullet points, short paragraphs, note form, third person writing and so on.
  • Blog posts need to be a minimum of 300 words to be indexed by Google, but you can always mix up the length by sticking close to 300 words or hitting the top end of 600 words.
  • When a blog post idea strikes write it down, you may not have time to write the blog post now but by jotting it down you’ll be able to write the blog post later.
  • Always think about who is reading the blog and what they would like to read about  / what would help them
  • Try and ask questions of your reader in the blog post, this will help them feel they are being spoken to while encouraging them to post comments with their answer, or share on social media with their answers.

When it comes to blogging practice does make perfect so keep trying, we offer content writing and blog writing as a service but we are always happy to have a read through your blog posts if you want our feedback. We will always be honest, so if we think that it’s good, we’ll tell you!