When we tell business owners that they need to start blogging, the next thing they often ask is ‘How often do I have to blog?’ – As standard we always recommend at least once a week, but once a month if that really isn’t possible. However, here at Creative Content Company we blog every other day, on average.

That said; it is important that you don’t just start blogging for the sake of it. Make sure your blog posts for your business are engaging and interesting to the reader. Don’t just blog because you think you should, make sure you have an interesting topic that your readers will enjoy and if you’re struggling coming up with topics then ask us, we would be more than happy to help.

State Of Inbound Marketing at HubSpot recently completed some research to see the benefits of business blogging frequency, when it comes to customer acquisition and here is what they found;

43% of businesses that blog less than monthly acquired a customer through their blog, 56% of businesses that blog on a monthly basis acquired a customer through their blog, 66% of businesses that blog weekly acquired a customer through their blog, 70% of businesses that blog at least two or three times a week acquired a customer through their blog while 78% of businesses that blog daily acquired a customer through their blog and a whopping 92% of businesses that blog multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog.

We aren’t saying that you need to blog multiple times a day, if you did you would probably find there wasn’t a business left when you finished those multiple blogs each day, but we do recommend that if you are going to have a blog on your website that you use it because the more you upload new blogs the more chance there is that you’ll get customers through it.

If you need help with your blog writing or want some blog topic ideas just let us know, we are only too happy to help!