When we speak to people at networking events about what we do, whenever we mention social media we always hear people say “Social Media? Oh no, we haven’t go time for that!” But how much time should you be spending on social media, how much time do you not have enough of, to do social media for your business?

There are lots of scheduling tools out there that will help you save more time on social media. We prefer Hootsuite as a social media scheduling tool for businesses, and if you have less than three accounts it is completely free to use.

For example you could put Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn onto Hootsuite, completely free of charge.

Alternatively, you could chop and change adding Pinterest or Google+ too instead of some of the other social media platforms. However it is only $11.99 a month to have more than three social media accounts on Hootsuite.

When your social media accounts are uploaded on Hootsuite you can schedule posts and updates that will go live throughout the week. If we look at one facebook post, one LinkedIn post and 2 tweets on Twitter a week you should take no longer than 2 hours sitting for one stint uploading the weeks posts.

You then need to get yourself into a routine, maybe doing the week ahead on a Sunday evening in front of the TV or before you go home on a Monday. Choose a two hour slot once a week when you will update your schedule for the upcoming week’s social media.

Of course you also need to respond to people and engage too, so have notifications on your mobile device so you can pop on and reply as and when people chat with you. Then pop photos of events you are at, interesting sites and share links too.

Social Media doesn’t have to take up too much time, call us to find out how it can take up even less time for you.