On the 4th Thursday of the month we have Creative Networking, this is a membership free networking event at breakfast time, created for all types of businesses and people in business involving different styles of networking – and breakfast!

The event starts 7.45am – 8am with coffee and a chat, this is what we call as informal networking and its a chance to wake up and get to know the other attendees.

We then have our 60second pitches, this is a chance for each person to take it in turn to stand and do a 60 second talk on them or their business.

After this we help ourselves to the buffet breakfast of continental and cooked breakfast, this is an unlimited buffet so you can have as much or as little food and drink as you would like. You can then return to your seat for table networking.

Then we have the guest speaker. This month we have Patricia Barnett teaching us some memory tricks;

Patricia is a Certified Trainer and Master Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Trained by Dr Tad James and Dr Adriana James in America. Patricia uses her high level of expertise to tailor her training and mentoring programs to provide everyone with the maximum benefits from the life changing skill set she has and shares will all her clients.

One of these programs is memory techniques to allow you to be able to learn, remember and recall everything that you need to and she will be teaching us some of these tricks and techniques.

We will then share any good news and then the event is officially over, however the unlimited hot drinks last all day so some attendees will stay and network with attendees further.

We do have an upper limit on this event due to space and food so please ensure you confirm your attendance at least 24hours in advance.

Payment of £12 (cash) is taken on arrival and covers the cost of breakfast, drinks and networking. Don’t forget your business cards and marketing bumf to share with others.

Hope to see you there!