Here at Creative Content Company we offer social media training to teach people how to manage their business social media presence better. We also offer business social media management so we can post on small businesses social media presence for them.

To be able to offer these services to the best of our ability, we need to stay on top of all the latest changes, stats and reports in our industry. We do this to ensure we offer our clients the best level of service, but we also turn them into blog posts to help other businesses to achieve more with their online presence.

This report was completed by SumAll;

Facebook – 40 characters

SumAll found that posts on Facebook with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than posts with a higher number of characters. Keep your posts on Facebook short and sweet, but don’t forget to throw in a link back to your website or an image to grab attention.

Twitter – 100 Characters

SumAll found that tweets with less than 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate than tweets with more than 100 characters. A we said with Facebook; keep it short and sweet, include an image to grab the Tweeters attention and include a link back to your website where they can find out more.

Linkedin – 25 Words

The research by SumAll found that if you are marketing to businesses via the Linkedin platform you should write a post of between 16 and 25 words. However, if you are using Linkedin to market to consumers this post length should be 21-25 words as this will result in the most amounts of shares of the post.

Hashtag – 6 Characters

SumAll has found that the hashtags for businesses that work best on all social media platforms have less than 6 characters. They also say these should not start with a number, have spaces, use any special characters and are not full of just numbers. They also recommend that you need to be wary of slang terms in hashtags as these do not work either. While we trust this reliable source for stats, we feel this could be tricky for many businesses.

If you’d like help getting the most of your online presence for your business then let us know; we’d be happy to chat!