I am often asked by people in business at networking events how good my blog content is, if my blog posts help convert visitors to the website into sales and why they should use me to write the blog posts for their business.

I now have the perfect answer to this question; one of my clients is a local beauty clinic and the offer colonics as a treatment; in layman’s terms this is where they put a tube in your bum and squirt a lot of water into you as a form of detox; this is one of the many treatments that they offer.

I have been writing content for this client for around 5-6 months and a topic we have discussed in the blog posts is the colonics and colonic hydrotherapy treatments; those that know me will know this is something that is definitely not a treatment I would be interested in and the thought of the procedure alone makes me shiver and cringe.

Yet, as I have been writing the website content and blog posts about this treatment, the pros, the benefits, the experience and how people feel after receiving this treatment I can genuinely say this is now something that I am interested in – so much so I have even booked an appointment for a consultation with my client, and this could lead to me having the treatment.

So, you ask, how good are my blog posts?

Good enough to make me think about having a pipe shoved up my bottom!

And I think I will leave it right there; I’m not sure any further explanation or evidence is required.