I can across a letter on Linkedin from Charles Tyrwhitt to Mr Kumar and I thought it was brilliant; the letter is written in a friendly and informal style that I personally would not have expected from Charles Tyrwhitt and it is comical. Therefore creating the perfect post for social media; this is exactly what Mr Kumar did by showing his connections on Linkedin.

The letter from Charles Tyrwhitt is as follows;

Dear Mr Kumar,

I want to say thank YOU and I was you to shop with us again

In my darkest nightmares, I find myself losing customers we have fought so hard to gain. When I wake up and realise that wonderful customers, customers like you, haven’t been seen in a while I start to panic. What have we done wrong? What could we have done better?

I remember that you were a fan of our non-iron slim fit shorts and I hope that hasn’t changed (I still am). Here at Tyrwhitt HQ we are obsessed with quality. Too obsessed some people say! Now, I don’t think that’s possible, but I do think it’s probably the reason you like our non-iron shirts so much. They are the result of a personal crusade over 30 years to create the perfect shirt – with more size and fit combinations than anyone else.

I would not be doing my job as a cheesy salesman if I didn’t tell you that our fixation on quality applies across the board. Not just shirts, but every product is lovingly stitched to make you look and feel like Cary Grant. We love shirts, but we do so much more than “just shirts”.

There is little that would make me happier than you returning as a much loved customer. Please accept this little voucher with my gratitude and give us another try at our expense. Spend it on something special in store, form the brochure or online. It is a thank you from me and the incredible team here at Charles Tyrwhitt. We are all frustrated gymnasts and will – as always – bend over backwards to make you happy.

With best wishes,

Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler


I’m sure you can agree this is a brilliant letter to a customer, it included a £20 voucher and it certainly kept me engaged throughout the letter. Not only that but the receiver shared it on social media for the world to see which spread the name, brand and voice of Charles Tyrwhitt even further.

How can you bring back your customers and attract new customers? Could you try something like this for your business?