Digital People in Peterborough is a networking group in Peterborough, also known as DPiP. They run a networking group once a month at Bewiched in the evening and it’s often fully booked days in advance but why? How does DPiP work and who should attend?

The event takes place on the first Wednesday of each month; the event starts with informal networking while everyone grabs some delicious drinks from the friendly Bewiched staff (where our review days take place) then it’s time to sit down and for the real fun to begin.

Joff, Tia, Nicole and Andy organise Digital People in Peterborough. At the beginning of the event they will get everyone seated and tell attendees the latest digital news in Peterborough, this can involve upcoming events and such like. Attendees are then given a chance to talk very quickly about their events, jobs they might have that are available or help they need.

Next up is the first of two guest speakers. Over the months there have been a wide variety of talks from the Digital Eagles at Barclays, Project Management, Blogging for your Business, website design, user experience, internet security and lots more. It’s a fab event that always promises great guest speakers and interesting talks.

Then we break for dinner, which is supplied by Clarkes Cafe in Peterborough, it’s really yummy and a great selection that everyone loves. I normally take this chance to grab another mocha from the Bewiched team!

After the break it’s time for the second presentation and then everyone goes off to network informally at Argo Lounge, via the goodies table where there always some great freebies and treats. The DPiP events are a really nice chance to meet other people in the digital world that are right there on your doorstep.

I have been attending the event for over a year and have found the group to be welcoming and friendly; it has grown significantly and is still a brilliant event that I highly recommend but just make sure you book in advance or you may miss out. Details can be found on Meet Up or by clicking here.