Here at Creative Content Company we quite often post on social media what we are doing that day, for example we will say the topics of website content we are doing, the social media account industries we are posting for or the type of companies we are writing blogs for and very often we will be asked how we know that stuff.

Well, of course we are super intelligent and know everything about everything, from double glazing and accountants to trophies and plumbers, not forgetting bouncy castles and private detectives!

Okay, maybe that’s not quite true… we may not know everything about all those topics! We research it on Google.

We look for topics to write about, research, read and learn and then create website content for our clients. Overtime we become knowledgeable in the subject, but to start with we often don’t know much at all.

Just last week we received a testimonial from a transcription company that said they have been in the industry for over 15 years, yet the blog posts and web copy we have created for them has taught them things they never knew.

That’s because they are getting on with and doing their job and earning their money, meanwhile we are learning about their industry and not just their business, enabling us to create content that is interesting, informative and engaging.

If you’re worried about content for your website and you think it can only be written by someone from the industry give us a call. Because we are not as ‘into’ the industry as you are, we can create website copy in an easy to understand way, that can read and understood by the general public as it isn’t too full on or in-depth.

We make stuff make sense, that’s how the content writers at Creative Content Company work.