Since earlier blog posts explaining exactly what Periscope is, the icons of Periscope, a beginners guide to Periscope and talking about your first broadcast on Periscope we have spoken to lots of people who just don’t know what to do on Periscope. Most business people we speak to want to use it as they understand the benefits of it but we are often asked how they could use Periscope.

Obviously I can’t list every single trade, business and industry in one blog post but instead I have listed ideas and different ways other people are using Periscope to increase their brand awareness and grow their business.

Network Marketing

Lots of network marketers are using Periscope; they are talking about their products, showing how they work or what they are made of. Other ‘Scopers’ are talking about network marketing, why it’s so great and how easy it can be to get involved in.

Life Coaches, Mentors and Sales Coaches

Coaches are using Periscope to sell their courses, workshops and services. I have seen many coaches giving away small snippets of larger courses to pique interest, while some are breaking their workshops down into bite sized periscopes over a few weeks or on a certain day each month.

Creative Content Company

We are using Periscope to share top tips about networking, social media and content creation. We are using the questions we are frequently asked as topics and titles for our Periscopes to help us build up trust and become the person those that watch us come to when they need help.

Fitness Trainers

Lots of Fitness Trainers and Instructors are using Periscope to show a Monday Morning Workout or a Sunday Evening Cool Down. This is a really good way of showing a snippet of what you do and if people want to know more they can come to your classes or book you as a personal trainer.

Radio Station & Presenters

We have noticed a few of the local radio stations using Periscope when they are live as another way to get engagement and interaction while they are on air, as an addition to calling in, texting or other social media platforms.

How do you think you could use Periscope to help grow your business or brand awareness?