I was recently responding to a connection request on Linkedin when the person asked how I could message them if we were not connected and I hadn’t yet accepted their connection request. I realised while replying to the person that this is probably a question many people want to know the answer too so I felt it would be a useful blog post for many people;

When you log into Linkedin you will see a red dot with a number in and this comes up under ‘My Network’. In this tab there is a list of people that you can accept the connection request to or decline the connection request.

There is also a button (to the top right hand side in grey) that says ‘Manage All’ by clicking on this you are shown the list of connection requests again and you can then choose to message the connections and ask them more.

I choose to do this so I can get to know the people that want to connect with them. By understanding their reason for connecting I can network better – it also helps me filter out those spam sellers who are going to shove their sales messages down my throat, as well as those that are using Linkedin as a numbers game and never reply to my message.

By carefully selecting and engaging with those that want to connect with me I am able to create a stronger online networking platform for my business and those connecting with me.

I send around 1 or 2 messages a week for 1 month to those people that send me a connection request; those that don’t get back to me I delete after a month and mark as ‘I do not know this person’ because they will bring no benefit to my networking platform if they don’t engage or use the platform.

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