What Is Periscope?

As we all know, it does not take long for an email inbox to become messy, full or congested – and worryingly this is often full of uninteresting, pushy sales or boring emails and newsletters. So how can you make sure that your email newsletter is opened and doesn’t mix in with spam messages, but instead gets noticed and stands out? This blog post will help;

  • In the title of the email newsletter promise something good, something that will make the reader happy, make them more informed or better at their business. Offer the reader something so good that they will be itching to open it and find out more.
  • Try and use power words that attract attention, these power words are sensory and emotional so they will stand out in crowded inboxes.
  • Use numbers, numbers stop people skimming emails and help to attract those wandering eyes. Like I have just put 47 here to prove the point. (You would use a number for a reason though!)
  • Use the information gap to pique the readers’ curiosity, some email newsletter writers use this space to use bizarre words or ask questions that will get the readers thinking.
  • Nobody wants to be perceived as silly, so point out common mistakes or misconceptions in regards to the topic you’re discussing in the newsletter.
  • Simple subject lines that are specific and to the point will beat the clever alternatives every time so quit trying to be clever and keep it simple.
  • It’s okay to be a rebel sometimes and try something new; it’s called researching, trial and error. Dare to be different and you could be surprised about what works and what doesn’t work.
  • We recommend that you subscribe to excellent or high quality email lists so you can analyse their subject lines, you’ll certainly learn from them.
  • Don’t get yourself worked up in stats; the idea of your email newsletter is to build a real relationship. These is no ‘average reader’ so pay attention to what the reader wants.

If you need help getting your newsletter read give us a call, we are always happy to offer free advice or guidance or we can even create your newsletter for you!