Here at Creative Content Company we upload a new blog around every other day; this takes times, energy and effort – time, energy and effort that we would use elsewhere if we didn’t think blogging worked for our business.

In this blog post we would like to give some examples of how blogging could help your business;

  • Blogging for your business helps drive new traffic to your website; working closely with search engines such as Google and social media platforms so you can gain more and new traffic to your blogs and website.
  • Writing blogs for your business will create new indexed pages that can be found in searches, and once the page has been indexed it is there for good, meaning it can be seen by hundreds for years to come.
  • Every blog post is an advertising opportunity to promote your business, present unique products or services to the reader. Blog posts can work really well as they are a soft-sell and you can easily include a call to action.
  • Your business blog posts will be full of informative content about your business, your industry and your products or services; these can then be shared on your social media and across other blogs, all the time presenting you and your business as experts in the industry.

We would recommend that you upload a new blog post at least once a week on your website, ideally twice a week where possible. It you choose once a week, try and schedule the blog post to go live at the same time and on the same day each week as this has shown a real growth in traffic to your website from previous experience, but it also helps you stay consistent.

If you would like help with blog post ideas or want us to write the blog posts for your business then just ask; we’d be happy to help you achieve more online for your business.