There was a recent post on Linkedin where someone in medical insurance explained they had been posting professionally on Linkedin for a year and has not had the effectiveness that he had expected, he then went on to ask for pointers and other mediums he could try to be more effective.

Around 15 of have been engaging in this post, recommending different ideas, sharing tips and pointers but also explaining it is about being ‘you’; being friendly and engaging and not too pushy or sales focused. I said it was about being that ‘helpful friend’ and then the engagements would follow.

In everything I do on Linkedin I try to be that helpful friend; for no charge I will offer advice and guidance, tips and pointers to help people in business with the online presence of their business and from this I gain great business contacts, build a strong network and increase my brand awareness – while making friends along the way.

But you never know how people really feel about you, well – I didn’t until I saw this lovely response to the post I am talking about. Kerry Cooper replied saying;

“Linkedin has been a fantastic way for me to meet some really awesome people that hasn’t actually led to business but something far more valuable…friendships. Take money out of the equation and you soon realise who is genuine.

Take Hazel Cottrell, I met this lovely lady one Monday morning and I have to say she is one of the most genuine people I have been blessed to meet, her absolute kindness and charity work she does is astounding and she asks for nothing, in fact Hazel is always encouraging people to connect because she simply likes helping people, so if anyone wants a role model on here, Hazel is it”

Kerry and I have only met twice in ‘real life’, once at a networking event and once at a community event I got her involved in – our original introductions were via Linkedin and this is where we have really got to know each other; which means this post really is based on how I come across on Linkedin.

But how do you want to come across on Linkedin; and how do you want to be seen?

If you are struggling with social media management and are not sure what to post and when then drop us a line; we will be happy to brainstorm with you or even offer social media training to help you achieve more for your business on line.