I am sure I am not alone in receiving spam emails to my work account, anything from winning the Nigerian Lottery, to receiving a false invoice, HMRC refund, have I had an accident and more – but today I received an email from Anastasia and it got me thinking; is this how some people come across in their professional marketing emails?

Hi! How are you?

My name is Anastasia (or shortly Nastya), and I’d love to know your name.

Do you visit this site oftentimes? I was hoping to talk to you in chat once but you left all of a sudden.

Could you write me your address or send me a letter some day?

I believe we have a lot in common and talking to you will be much pleasure for me.

My email

Looking forward to getting your letter,


My point in sharing this email is that she starts by saying she would love to know my name before saying that we have a lot in common – how does she (the robot) know we have a lot in common if she doesn’t even know my name?

This may seem like a ridiculous email, but actually I get ones like this on Linkedin all the time, asking where I am based, who I work for, what my business does and similar.

In theory these messages are worse than those I am receiving from Anastasia because she isn’t on Linkedin at that very moment and able to press that one button to look at my profile to see who I am, what I do and where I am from.

Have you received emails like this on linkedin or as e-newsletters? Perhaps you have just realised that you may indeed be a culprit and send emails like this yourself?

If you would like help to get better on social media management for your business or need support with your newsletter creation and newsletter content then drop us a line; we would be only too happy to help – that goes for you too Anastasia!