You’re not wrong, there are lots of social media and blogging workshops out there and you may be wondering how Creative Content Company workshops are different to all the other blogging and social media workshops that are out there on the market. Well this blog post will tell you exactly why our social media and blogging workshops are different to the rest;

Limited Attendance

We don’t open our workshops to as many people as want to attend; instead we limit our attendees to no more than 15. This means that all attendees have the chance to ask questions and although our workshops are fast paced, with a smaller group of attendees it is easier to keep up and fully understand the content of the workshop.

They Are NOT A Walk in the Park

If you’re used to going to workshops that are laid back and relaxed then this will be a shock to the system. In our two hour workshops we will go through the topic in great detail. It’s not a chance to daydream while you’re out of the office and you will be likely to hate the trainer by the time you leave, but you’ll be in love with again when you see how successful the changes you have made have been for your business and online presence.

You Get Involved

We won’t preach at you for two hours, in fact at the ‘round the table’ discussion events we will ensure that everyone gets a turn to talk about their business then everyone gets involved as people outside of the others businesses to discuss different options, ideas and inspiration for their blog post or social media accounts.

You Get What You Need

We can’t stress enough that our workshops and discussions are not tasters into social media, blogging, Twitter or Facebook. Our workshops and discussions will give you everything you need for now and going forward. For example, one of our workshops allows you to set up posts for your social media accounts for the next month, giving you the inspiration to do the next months too!

We’re Actually Quite Friendly

Let’s not lie about it, these workshops are hard-core and intense but actually we are a friendly bunch and the trainer is only being strict to ensure that you get the best out of your business. At the end of each workshop there is a chance to ask questions one-to-one and ongoing or monthly mentoring is up for grabs too.

Why not come along and give one of our social media or blogging workshops a go? You might even like it!