When we post content, videos, photos and special offers on our business social media pages, we think they are great. At least we should think they are great. Here at Creative Content Company we often talk about posting on social media at least 5 times a day. However, we always follow this up with the fact that there is no point posting on social media for the sake of it. This is how your social media could be annoying to your target audience.

SproutSocial recently did a survey to find out what consumer think the most thing brands do on social media is. We feel that by trying to post 5 times a day on social media, when you have no social media plan or schedule, could result in an annoying social media presence.

Here is what SproutSocial found in their research;

  • 57.5% of consumers found that posting too many promotions made the social media presence of a brand annoying.
  • 38.4% of consumers felt that using slang or jargon on social media was an annoying social media action made by brands.
  • 34.7% of consumers agreed that brands that do not have any personality on their social media accounts were an annoying social media action.
  • 32.3% of consumers felt that when brands tried to be funny when they were not funny was an annoying action that brands took on social media.
  • Finally, 24% of consumers found that the most annoying action of brands on social media was not replying to messages sent to them by consumers.

Are you risking that your social media could be annoying by posting for the sake of posting?

It is a really good idea to schedule and plan your social media in advance. Think about useful and relevant things to share. It is called ‘social’ media for a reason. Try and think about what your audience want to see and share this.

Have a look at our blog posts or videos about things to share on social media for ideas. You may find it easier than you think to avoid your social media getting annoying for your target audience.