You may have seen from social media posts and recent blogs that we were the Official Blogging Partner at the Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition. We had an awesome stand at the event and a really busy day. During the day we had lots of great conversations with old contacts and clients, existing clients, networking buddies and people we had not met before.

While we had a really successful day, that isn’t what this blog post is about. In this blog post we talk about how we cared for our clients at Peterborough Biscuit. We knew we would have a great day and wanted to make sure they did too.

So, this blog post explains how we card for our clients at Peterborough Biscuit, to make sure their day was just as successful as ours.

Goodie Bags

We prepared goodie bags for our clients. As experienced exhibitors at Peterborough Biscuit we knew what we needed. We supplied our clients that were exhibiting at the biscuit with the things we felt they needed. Their goodie bag included crisps, chocolate and a cake to keep them going. They also had water. Talking all day leaves you parched so water comes in handy.

We popped some chewing gum in their bags too to keep them fresh breathed. There was a notepad and in their bag for essential and important note taking. The goodie bag also had some headache tablets as these can be needed during a busy day.

Awareness on Social Media

Along with the standard social media posts we had going out on their social media each day, we ran some biscuit countdowns too. These spoke about the fact the business was at the biscuit, where they could be found and what they had on offer. This meant people looked out for them before the event.

The night before the event we shared a photo of their stand on social media. This shared their stand number and reminded people to pop by. A similar post was shared on the morning of the event.

Promotion on our Stand

On our stand we had a big card full of the business cards of our clients at the event. This gave us a chance to promote our clients to people coming to our stand. We had a note of all our clients and their stand numbers. If someone asked about them, we could direct the person straight to our client.

But Why?

Firstly, we love our clients. We wanted to show them how we cared for our clients at the Peterborough Biscuit. Secondly, and perhaps selfishly, if our clients are doing well in business, they will continue using our services!
But really, because we just care about people. It’s in our nature!