Now I would like to start by removing any confusion. You do not write blog posts to share on social media, you write blog posts that snippets of them can be used on social media. This does change when it comes to using articles on LinkedIn, but that is a whole new blog post.

The great thing about blog posts is that they give you additional content and ‘stuff’ to share on social media. We always talk about posting regularly on social media for your business, and blog posts can help you do this. These blog posts can help you even more on social media if you do them right… but what does that mean?

Blogs that are full of statistics are great for social media. You can copy and paste the statistic and a little bit about it on social media, with a link back to the blog post. A few days or weeks later dependent on how often you post on social media, you can share another statistic with a link back to the blog post. A blog post with 4-5 statistics in it can result in 4-5 posts on social media. Straight away that is one sixth of your monthly social media posts if you are posting just once a day.

Write blog posts of top tips. This could be ten top tips for …. that is relevant to your business. Then all you need to do is copy and paste the first tip into your social media post, followed by ‘for more tips like this read our blog post’. Again, if you have a blog like this with ten tips in it, then is 10 days of blog posts. A third of your monthly blog posts if you are doing just one post a day on social media.

Create a blog post that talks about different ways of doing something, or using your product. If for example there are 4 different ways of doing something or using something then title each different way then put a paragraph underneath talking about it. Copy and paste the title of the blog, followed by ‘can be done in 4 different ways’ (for example) this is one way (copy and paste), to see the other ways check out this blog post.

Blog posts that share benefits are a great idea. It could be the benefits of a service you offer, or the benefits of using your business for that service. Then, as you have done with the top tips blog post, share a benefit and a link back to the blog for more benefits.

If you are writing one blog post a week you will quickly be filling up your social media calendars. The important thing to remember is that not everybody will see each post on social media. 

There is absolutely no harm in sharing links back to the same blog posts time and time again, just not too frequently. Think about how often you are sharing stuff on social media. One post a day means just share one link to each blog post a week, or every other week. However, if you are posting on social media 5-6 times a day, share the link to the same blog post every few days.