Local SEO is the stuff you do to get your business on the map (Google search engine wise) in the local area. To get people to know about you, your business and your offerings in selected local areas and to ensure when someone searches for what you offer in the local area, they find your business / website in the search engine results.

Local SEO is awesome for getting those local clients. If you need to see your clients face to face then the more local they are, the better. This means you can fit more clients and jobs into the day as you are travelling less – and that results in shorter hours and / or more money because you can see more clients.

Take the time to look at your urls – if you want plumbing work in Peterborough, then make sure your url says Plumbing Peterborough, as opposed to Page 1, Blog 1, Services Page or such like. The url (website address for that page) tells the visitor when the page is about, and tells Google what you want to be found for.

Check your site security too. If your website shows Not Secure at the url then you will be penalised for this. Speak to your website designer if it says Not Secure. You may need to purchase a certificate or make changes to your website to make it secure and rank in local searches so you can be found by your target audience in your local area.

Good quality website content is loved not just by your audience, but by Google too. If you have the Google Love then you will rank higher on search engines. Make sure your online content is lengthily, proofread, SEO friendly and engaging. This will gain you bonus points from Google and your target audience too who will enjoy reading your website content and learning more about you, your business and your offerings.

If you need help getting more local work for your business then please contact us directly; we would be happy to help.