There are lots of posts on social media about the importance of shopping locally, using your High Street or purchasing from small businesses.

There are posts that talk about when you buy something from a small business they do a happy little dance. Small business owners will pay for a child’s football classes or ballet lessons, whereas a larger organisation will put the money towards a 5th holiday home or extension on exiting mansion.

Many of my clients are small businesses and I do everything I can to support them and help them grow.

However there are things that we can all do to support small businesses, and they are all completely free!

* To support a small business share one or more of their posts on social media with your friends.

* You could support a small business by loving, wowing, or ‘reacting’ in some way to the post. Liking is good, but the other reactions have a better effect on the social media account.

* If you see the small business sharing something on social media that would be of interest to a friend, then tag that friend in the post.

* Comment on the post from the small business with a nice comment or words of encouragement. Social media can be a lonely world for a small business.

* If you are busy scrolling through numerous posts on social media, just stop for moment and comment with an emoji

* Post a picture of the small business and tag the business in the photo. These are ideal if you have ordered from them, met with them or are walking past their business.

* Give a small business you love a shout out from time to time. Tell your connections why the small business is awesome, what they do and why others should connect with them or follow them. 

* If you have used a small business and you love what they have done, make sure you leave them a review on social media. I guarantee they will do a happy dance when they see it.

Small businesses and small business owners are awesome; support a small business if you can!