Allow me to let you into a little secret – my tech skills are pants.

People presume that because I work on a computer that I must be a really good person to know. They think they can phone me for coding help, to fix their computer or even sort out their iPhone.

They are wrong – I work on a computer.

That is it. I am extremely non-technical. I use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of work done, I use email, word documents to write blog posts in, Hootsuite social media scheduling tool . We also upload blog posts to WordPress as it is nearly impossible to break, but we won’t touch any other website.

However, being pants at tech doesn’t hold us back and it doesn’t need to hold you back either.

We have put together some top tips for starting a blog, even if, like us, your tech skills are pants.

Using wordpress, wix or similar can be a really good way to start your blog post as it gives you the template. But if you’re like me, it may be better to get someone to do it for you. We have web designers that we work with and from £250 they can create a landing page website with blog posts for you.

You need to get over your negative mindset that you can’t do something. Once you get started you’ll realise just how much you don’t need to be a tech pro to blog! Don’t let your lack of skills hold you back as they can be learnt.

When you start out you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the possible titles and topics that you can write a blog post about. This feeling is completely normal. Stop, take a deep breath and write down the topics – then work through them, one at a time.

Speak to other people about blogging and what topics they have been writing about, where they get their ideas from and the titles that they have focused on. You’ll be able to get blog post ideas for your blog, from their blog post ideas.

Then get it shared on social media. There is not point ordering flyers and leaving them in a box in your garage. It is the same with blog posts, write them, upload them and share them!

If you’d like to know more then why not contact us directly; we would be happy to offer advice and guidance for you.