Content is one of those social media buzzwords. It is used all the time. However, does anyone actually know what it means. What does it mean to you when you are told to post regular engaging content?

When we are asked what it means to post regular engaging content, we think it can cover any content that engages. For example, a link to a website or a snippet of a blog post. Engaging content could also be videos or photos. You could get engagement from sharing testimonials or your special offers too.

Have a think about how you behave on social media. When you find the new account of a business on social media, what content do you want to see from them? Then think if your audience want to see the same content from you and your business on social media.

Creating engaging content doesn’t need to be complicated. However, when we say about how to post regular engaging content on social media, there is something to consider. There is no point in posting for the sake of posting. Here at Creative Content Company we post 5+ times a day during the week and 2+ times a day over the weekend. However, this is because we have stuff to say.

Through uploading a new blog post every other day for the last 7 years, we have plenty to talk about and share. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t post for the sake of posting. You need to post regular engaging content. It needs to be regular, but also engaging!

This could be links to blog posts, photos of work you have completed, testimonials or case studies. Maybe you have an event coming up, a new service, a changed product or similar. Tell your audience about what you are up to, share tips and ask questions. Make sure you are posting engaging content regularly to your social media.

If you need help creating engaging content for your social media on a regular basis, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your social media and share ideas of what you can post. You can book our social media training if you want to learn more. Alternatively, we can manage your social media accounts for you.

Posting regularly on social media isn’t hard – posting engaging content regularly is harder!