While the big newspapers like The Guardian and The Independent might be able to get away with a block of text of thousands of words, not many businesses can. This is especially the case for business blog posts. Your readers won’t want to scroll for ages and ages if there are no gaps. Instead, they’ll be faced by a large block of text, and this could turn them away from your business. This is why you need to make your business blogs visually appealing.

You need to think about your reader and your visuals when writing longer blog posts for your business. Think about how your blogs are laid out. Could they have bullet points, numbered lists or shorter paragraphs. These are all ways that you can make your business blogs visually appealing.

Take the time to think about the images you are using too. You want to choose nice images that will engage with your audience. However, the visuals you chose still need to be relevant. As you are writing your blog posts you could note images that would work in certain sections. This will make it easier when you get round to uploading and publishing your blog post.

It’s really important that you only use images that you have permission to use. This could be your own photos for example. If you have a budget available, you could purchase and download images from a wide selection of websites. Alternatively, there are sites that offer Royalty-Free graphics. Our preferred site here at Creative Content Company is Unsplash. Another popular site is Pixabay.

If you are downloading stock images, royalty free or paid for, you need to think outside the box. You don’t want to use the same images as everyone one. Try to avoid selecting the first image you come across as other businesses may have been the same. Look at how many times the image has been downloaded. This will give you a clue as to whether you competition are using that image too.

While it may be tempting to stuff your business blogs with images this will not make it visually appealing. Instead, it will be too busy and hard to keep the attention of the reader. Instead, you need to use a few well-chosen images that enhance the article. Or just think about the layout and format of your text.

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