Yes, this is a blog about how to get through lockdown 2. But, I think it’s important to start by saying I am writing this from the office, dressed in jeans and a baggy jumper, hair unwashed and teeth un-brushed. I’m not feeling this at all. Ever since the announcement on Saturday evening I have felt sad, broken and all-round fed up.

I can’t remember how I felt going on to lockdown the first time. Our wedding was planned for a week after lockdown, my aunt died and my partners uncle died, all within the first 10 days of the first lockdown. I think I just felt quite numb and confused by it all.

This time, I am struggling. Last time I used my one-hour allowance of exercise a day to go for a walk or a bike ride. The sunshine really helped boost my mood. We had lots of meals in the garden too, getting as much fresh air as we could.

I’m worried about this one already. The sunshine will not be as kind and I think it’s unlikely I will want to sit in the garden for dinner – in the cold, wet and darkness!

So, I thought I would remind myself, and any others, of how I got through the first lockdown. In hope this will help others, and me, get through this one. This is one of those; do as I say, not as I do – as you already know how I am dressed this morning.

  • Get Up

Create a routine for yourself. Don’t roll out of bed when you feel like it. Instead set an alarm and start work. Plan out your day so you work ‘normal hours’. This will help avoid working late into the night and having essential down-time.

  • Get Dressed

I never fell into the trap of living in pyjamas through lockdown, but it was close. I would recommend that you dress ‘for work’ because it helps put you in the right mindset for the day ahead. Leave the PJs until the evening and the hoodies until after work!

  • Plan Your Work Time

At the beginning of the last lockdown I lost two thirds of our clients as they went on hold. I am expecting to have some similar conversations this week too. I had to plan my time and my tasks to ensure I had work for every day.

  • Plan Your Free Time

I had less work to do, so I was finishing earlier. I could have slumped into the world of Netflix very easily. This would have created a life of work, tv, sleep and repeat. Instead I stopped myself putting the TV on until 5pm at the earliest. In the afternoons I started making stuff, doing exercise classes, sending gifts in the post or calling people.

  • Make Quality Time

One trap my partner and I did fall into was Netflix! Very quickly we found ourselves putting on the TV as soon as work was done. It took a few weeks, but we decided we needed quality time. This involved walks and bike rides. We also played cards and board games before dinner. Then TV time was after dinner.

  • Look Out For Others

As I mentioned, in my free time I was making and sending ‘things’ to friends. These included positive quotes, sweets, hamma bead creations, fairies and more. They were just little things to brighten other people’s days – but it made me feel good doing it too.

This is how I think you can get through lockdown 2. Again, try to do as I say. I will try too. There is no getting around it. The last lockdown was longer, but I think it was easier too. These darker days and yucky weather will make it tough. Plus – it’s now at least 8 months since many of us have hugged our loved ones and friends. Good Luck! If you need a chat, a rant or a treat in the post – let me know!