The first step when creating an SEO campaign for your business is keywords. It’s not about just getting great content on your website. You need to complete proper keyword research before you even start getting your website content written. The keywords are an essential part of your SEO campaign and something you need to think carefully about.

There are various ways that you can do proper keyword research for your business. You can do your keyword research formally, or informally. There are various keyword research tools available online that you can use for free. Alternatively, you can book a free general meeting with us. As experienced SEO content writers we understand keywords and how to complete proper keyword research.

When you are choosing the right keywords to use in your SEO friendly content, you need to make sure they hit the ‘sweet spot’. The ‘sweet spot’ ensures that you meet the needs of your business, but also attract the right customers. Your keywords need to address the pain points of your customers. However, they need to be the words that your audience use, which may not be your words.

For example, we are content writers, copywriters and bloggers. We used to refer to ourselves as just content writers. However, our clients were using us for one service and then going elsewhere when they needed copywriting services or blog writers as they didn’t know we did this too. You have to think carefully about what your audience put into Google to find the offerings of your business.

As you begin your keyword research you will have a few good targeted keywords. From this, you can then start identifying versions of those keywords. For example, we use bloggers, blogging partners, blog writers. We then use longer-tail keywords. For example, bloggers in Peterborough, blog writers in Cambridgeshire and so on.

You may find that the longer-tail keywords are just as valuable to your SEO efforts as the more targeted keywords.

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