It’s important that you do your competitor research. This way you can see who the competing businesses are. In turn, you can learn about them and what they offer. Based on this, you can find ways to differentiate your own business. This will help you stand out from the crowd and attract your target audience.

When it comes to the world of online marketing, there is so much competition out there. It’s easier than ever for your ideal customer to find a business that does what you do. It’s not like the Yellow Pages where you could have a picture to stand out. Instead, you need to differentiate your business to the competition by seeing what they offer and what you can offer that they can’t.

Think about what your customers want. If you’re selling clothes, things like quick or free delivery could be a major plus. Maybe you’re an electrician or a plumber? In which case, you could offer 24-hour availability or free call outs. As a hairdresser you could offer free hair consultations or complimentary hot beverages during appointments.

Your competition is likely to offer a similar product or service to you. It’s important that you use your online marketing to play to your biggest strengths. This is how you can differentiate your business to the competition. For example, think about your product. What is it that makes your product different to the product of your competition? It could be quality, where it is made, delivery or colour for example. Share these differences in your digital marketing.

If you offer a service, how is your service different to the competition? Do you offer training or free installation with your services. How easy is it to do business with you? Where are you based? How easy is it for your customers to contact you? These are all things that will differentiate your business to the competition. They are also things that could make your business more attractive to your target audience.

Think about your image and reputation too. This can be shown by sharing happy customer testimonials on your website and social media. Chances are, if a customer is happy with you, they won’t go elsewhere. This means that your competition will not have the raving review about their business that you have.

Price is another way that you can differentiate your business from the competition. However, this can be easily matched by your competition. You may also find that customers are happy to pay more if they believe they are getting better quality for their money.

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