Most businesses understand the importance of social media as a marketing tool. However, few businesses have the time, skills or want to do social media. This is where we come in. As a social media company in Peterborough we post on businesses social media platforms. But how can you choose which social media company represents your business on social media.

The first thing you should do when it comes to choosing which social media company represents your business is to see how they represent themselves on social media.

Here at Creative Content Company we always keep an eye out on our competitors. We want to make sure what we are offering is perfect for our audience. If another social media company does something different, we want to understand that. Then we can see how it would work for our business but also our clients.

In the last few weeks we have come across 2 other social media companies that made us want to write this blog post. One social media company came up on Facebook. They were offering to post on Facebook for businesses for a reasonable price. We wanted to find out more. On looking at their Facebook page, they had been going 18 months. In that time they had posted on their Facebook page 10 times – that was it. This would be a huge warning sign of a social media company not to work with.

Another is a social media company on LinkedIn. She shares lots of great content with her audience. It’s mostly in the form of infographics, which work really well to engage her audience. However, she often recommends things that she doesn’t do herself. One huge example of this is that she tells readers they must respond to everyone that comments. Yet, looking at her social media she responds to maybe 10%?

It’s so important that when choosing which social media company represents your business, that you choose someone that practices what they preach. For example, we always encourage businesses to blog regularly, which we do every other day.

The huge alarm bell was in a recent post for this company though. They shared an infographic with the following text above it. The text was to show how important choosing the right platform for your business was.

Facebook Greate For Promoting Local Events and Building Community

Instagram Greate For Showcasing Products and Visual Branding

Twitter Greate For News, PR and Making Connections

Youtube Greate For Solving Problems with How to Tutorials

Pinterest Greate For Driving Traffic to Blogs and online Retailers

Linkedin Greate For B2B Lead Generation and Recruiting

It’s important to note that spelling mistakes and typos do happen. We are all only human. However, spelling a simple 5 letter word wrong 6 times really should set alarm bells ringing.

When choosing which social media company represents your business, check out their own social media. If you like their style, then go with them!